2 September 2010

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     Saints reserves flexed their muscles down the stretch Friday night, obvious bench-strength improvements on defense and running back certainly complement the NFL’s most prolific offense looking toward the upcoming 2010 campaign. Leigh Torrence’s and Chris Ivory’s fourth quarter fireworks shattered the Chargers’ dreams of a happy Big Easy ending. That won’t be the case for the thousands of black leather clad visitors (accented by purple and powder blue feathers) prancing through the Vieux Carre this Labor Day weekend. Enterprising Marigny and Bywater lads who took advantage shake-weight TV offers will see the Fruits of Labor come to fruition during the annual Southern Decadence extravaganza. In this week’s edition the Section 645 Saints Beat, Big Daddy celebrates Ben Sherman’s 40th Birthday, second lines at Parasol’s, reports from Section 645, recaps the San Diego game, remembers Hurricane Katrina, and releases his World Famous Pregame Information.

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1 October 2009

“And Mozart could heal but no one knows where he is burried.”

I read the above-mentioned passage on the third edition of the book “On Doctoring”, which was a collection of poems and essays from known writers who are either in the medical field or those who simply write with health and wellness as a prime theme.

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3 September 2008

Cub fans, please say thank you to any Milwaukee Brewers fans you may know. Their team is struggling just as much as the Cubs right now. It could have been disastrous if Milwaukee would have gone on a winning streak this week as the Cubs were skidding against the Phillies and Astros. The Cubs still have a cushion in the NL Central, but they need to try to get Zambrano and Harden healthy before they make this final playoff push. Don't panic, the Cubs will be fine. They have a solid line-up all the way through the batting order, and even if they are sluggish, they will get enough wins to enter the 08 playoffs. Sorry this post is short and I haven't posted in a while, but I have been working on numerous websites. I will try to put the Cubs blog first from now on, and trust me, I will be much more talkative once these Cubbies get closer to the playoffs. 

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