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Who am I?

I am a 47 year old Chicago transplant living in Southern Arizona, and no you never fully get used to the heat although I never thought I would ever hear myself say that a temp in the low 90's was nice.

I am a sports junkie much to my wife's chagrin at times. Her kind of slider is a burger at White Castle ( we don't have any around here, though) and a changeup is what she tells me to do before our dates.

As to me and sports, I have been a fan of the Chicago Cubs since 1967 and became a fan of the Arizona Diamondbacks when Mark Grace went there. I have seen many many games at baseball's shrine at the corner of Clark and Addison. In the words immortalized on Elwood Blues license. "1060 West Addison. " We may reside in our various houses thruout this land but to a Cubs fan only one place can be called home - Wrigley Field



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a Brett Favre in football, Bob Uecker, Don Drysdale, Ernie Harwell, Herb Score in Cleveland. There are only a few exceptional ones left - Vin Scully, Jack Brickhouse, Jack Buck, Jimmy Piersall, Jordan and Bird in basketball and in baseball - a Pete Rose, Pat Hughes for play by play., Players who give it there all in any sport. You know the type, Robin Yount who used to go first to third with the best of them. Passion in the booth. I listen to so much radio/tv on games a, the Mike Ricci's, Tony Granato's in hockey


Pitchers who cannot throw strikes, who refuse to claim the inside corner of the plate and who dont have the cuts when the game is on the line to throw a 3-2 backdo

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Willowbrook High School in Villa Park, Illinois

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Northern Illinois University


Sociology- Criminal Justice

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