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I am a journalism major at Lewis University which is located in the south burbs of Chicago in Romeoville, IL.. I currently have three "successful" blogs that include ongoing discussion about Chicago Cubs baseball. I am a great writer who has simply not had the exposure necessary for the world to know my greatness.

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Welcome to Steve Bartman Day posted on 04/09/2008

     It may have taken Bill Buckner and the Boston media and fanbase twenty-two years to reconciliate, but that does not mean it has to take that long for Steve Bartman to be welcomed into Wrigley Field again.

     Of course, the fact the Red Sox have won two World Series Title in the last four years probably has something to do with Buckner throwing out the first pitch Tuesday for Opening Day.

     Now, what people forget is that Bill Buckner came back to play for the Red Sox in 1990 and it has been known that Buckner's issue was never with the fans or vice versa but more of with the media of Boston. Buckner has always been associated with costing the Sox the World Series in 1986 with an error in Game Six. When, in fact the game was tied at the time and the Sox even had a lead in Game Seven before losing.

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Cursed Start? posted on 04/01/2008

     The start of the one-hundreth anniversary of the last Cub World Series title did not resemble one of promise but maybe false hope.

     After eight scoreless innings, the game gave way to the two closers and then the bats realized that this game counted.

     There was much speculation if this game would even be played with the sporadic bouts of rain throughout the day coupled with a fog that draped itself over the Chicago skyline. After two rain delays and two ninth innings rallys, the Brewers prevailed 4-3 on a Tony Gwynn Jr. sacrafice fly in the tenth inning.

     Carlos Zambrano and Ben Sheets pitched up to their enormous potential each throwing shutouts for 6 and 2/3 and 6 1/3 respectively before giving way to their bullpens.

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Bodog: Buy or Sell posted on 03/29/2008

     Bodog has set the lines on the upcoming season and there appears to be some easy money to made. Of course, when we are talking about the Cubs and the perceived high expectations....there is no such thing as easy money.

Cubs wins (88)-under

     Why, because the rotation has to many question marks surrounding it and the closer situation should be an area of concern with the uncertainty of Kerry Wood and his durability. Now, it is not to say that the Cubs will not still win the division with less than 88 wins, but that number will be difficult to attain.

Derreck Lee: HR's (32)-under, RBI (85)-over, BA (.289)-over

     The 2005 year was an aberration as far as home runs, but this does not mean that Derreck Lee is still not one of the top hitters in the National League. The past two seasons have been myriad in excuses. If it was a wrist injury or family issues, Lee's numbers have been perceived to be down. It is not out of the realm of expectations that he hits 25 home runs while driving in close to 100 runs and batting in the .310's. Those type of numbers would silence the critics for now.

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The Scene is Set posted on 03/24/2008

     It is late August, after eight scoreless innings from Jason Marquis against the Philadelphia Phillies in what many consider to be playoff preview. Manager Lou Piniella makes the call to the bullpen and out comes Kerry Wood in a one run game. After twelve electric pitches with the Wrigley Field faithfull roaring, Kid K pumps his fist in celebration after securing the win.

     Now, this is the best case scenario for Marquis, Piniella, Wood and for every Cub fan. Is this a likely scenario that features a brittle Kerry Wood and an erratic Jason Marquis amongst other question marks.

     No, but this is the path that Piniella has taken this team in naming Kerry Wood the closer and Jason Marquis as the fifth starter.

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It's Closing Time posted on 03/19/2008

     When the ninth inning rolls around and the Cubs have a three, two or one run lead, who will Lou Piniella call upon to close the deal. There are many canidates for the job and that is not necessarily a good thing. The bullpen is the backbone of any championship team and until this current cast of characters distinguishes themselves, this team will not be any ending any streak of futility.

     Kerry Wood was the apparent leader in the clubhouse until he was scratched today with lower back spasms. This was his first opportunity this spring to pitch in back to back games  and this is example number one as to why Kerry Wood belongs in the sixth or seventh inning role because of his lack of durability. Wood will be re-evaluated on Thursday.

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