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Late night winning posted on 06/06/2008
These late games are not great for us in Chicagoland. I usually stay up until midnight as it is but I'm glad this isn't all year. Let's talk about last night, Fukudome coming through again. Homered, singled in the winning run in the 9th inning. This team seems to have something big going. Little things that never happen unless you are bound to do something. The rally against Colorado is one example. Yes, the wind was blowing out and all but that doesn't happen everyday. I will look at this more after this month of June with a lot of hard games coming up. Toronto and Tampa on the road and the Sox 6 times. The biggest test is now, let's see if the Cubs can get a passing grade.

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Another day, another win posted on 06/03/2008
Nothing like waking up this morning to see that the Cubs had won again late on the West Coast. It is a bit troubling that Marmol gave up the 3-run homer to Adrian Gonzalez but a win is a win one way or another. It also seems as if Jim Edmonds is starting to come around a bit. He has hit the ball real well since the wind-blown comeback on Friday. This team seems to have it all together. I hope just like all of the Cub fans around that it continues.

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Finally, a reversal of road fortunes posted on 05/23/2008
After spending the last two weeks trying to figure out which Cub team is for real, the 8-2 homestand team or the losing on the road too much team, I have new thoughts after the win in Pittsburgh Friday night. First off, Derrek Lee needs a day off but it will come when the whole team is off again. He is looking too good to give him a rest at this point. Just let it ride. Now to Soriano, I want to see him go full-out but I'm terrified he will get hurt again. It almost looked like he was walking to first on the double play ball. I hope that leg is really alright. Big Z, the best hitting pitcher since the Red Baron on the North Side, goes 4-for-5, what more can you ask for from him? Oh right, how about seven innings and getting the win. Get his ticket ready for the All-Star Game in New York. A

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Why not give Gallagher a start? posted on 05/04/2008

With the demotion of Rich Hill to Iowa, Sean Gallagher has returned to the North Side and with his return, I don't see any reason not to just put it in the starting rotation. He pitched well last season out of the bullpen and in the starting rotation. Just leave Lieber and Marshall in their current roles and let it ride I figure. Hill will probably be back within a couple weeks and Scott Eyre will be returning soon. This is a good opportunity to show and see what Gallagher has if he is going to be a part of this rotation soon or trade bait for July.

Some other thoughts on a Cub-less Sunday afternoon..........With Brandon Webb starting yesterday, it looks like the Cubs will miss him during next weekend's NLDS rematch at Wrigley with the Diamondbacks unless he gets moved in the rotation which is unlikely. These look like the pitching matchups tentatively right now. Marquis-Haren on Friday, Dempster-Scherzer on Saturday and Big Z-Big Unit on Sunday. That could be one very interesting game on Mother's Day afternoon, make your dinner plans for late in the day.

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Offensive explosion posted on 05/01/2008

I took great joy watching last night's Cubs game seeing the Cubbies put up a 19 spot on the Brew Crew. Most runs that the team has scored in 7 years and I was rooting for 20 by late in that 8th inning. I'm loving the fact that they can score in bunches and Soriano returns this afternoon as the Cubs look to win this series. I hope that the offense continues against that Gallardo kid that the Brewers have going. I would like one thing though, I don't want Soriano leading off for this white-hot team. Can he hit 6th or something to start with? No need to spare his feelings, just tell him straight out, you are now hitting 6th. The Cubs have a good thing going right now, let's not screw it up.

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